On-site Massage

On-Site Massage & Deep Tissue MassageOn-site massage is based on a press and rub technique called Amna which is an ancient system of massage which comes from Japan. Based on the 12 energy meridians and also trigger points in the body the treatment focuses on stimulating the flow of Chi (Qi) energy throughout the body. On-site chair massage is healing, relaxing and invigorating and is an excellent way of relieving stress and tension, especially in common areas of tension such as back, neck and shoulders.

What to Expect

On-site massage can be set up anywhere and is very convenient for those who do not feel comfortable removing clothes for a massage. It is also very convenient for events or for the workplace. The massage is carried out fully clothed on a massage chair, especially designed for the purpose of chair massage. Not much space is needed and the chair is easily set up. The routine can be tailored to suit your needs and can be as short as a 10-15 minute treatment or a longer session lasting between 20 to 30 minutes.

De-stress at Work

Stress and back trouble is a common cause for sickness absence in the workplace. Providing staff with a short regular massage treatment is a good way of making them feel looked after as well as helping to relieve their stress and tension.

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