Is a light touch yet powerful therapy where the recipient lies fully clothed on the couch unless the techniques are being incorporated into a massage treatment.

The therapist will tune into the subtle cranial sacral rhythm to encourage a better flow of cerebrospinal fluid around the brain. It may also be helpful to follow the unwinding of the fascial tissue to encourage this, listening and following as the body which intrinsically knows what is needed unwinds to release restrictions.

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Working and listening to the inner physician we therapeutically release physical, psychological and emotional stress, trauma and memories which may be held in the body-mind.

As well as being a way to ease pain and trauma, cranial sacral therapy is also a good preventative measure for keeping our structures operating at their best and in helping us to release stress.

Impact and injuries over the course of our lives even during birth can have an impact on how our body compensates and operates on a day to day basis. As we listen to the body and assist in the natural balancing of structures, pain can subside and different levels of mental clarity and space can arise.

This is a very calming and balancing treatment which creates space in the body and calms the mind and promotes our body’s own self healing ability.

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