Reiki Healing London UK

Reiki is an ancient Japanese ‘laying on hands’ healing technique that is based on the principle that life force energy flows through us. If a person’s life force energy is low or there are blockages then you are more likely to be stressed, unhappy or unwell, and the opposite is true if your life force energy is high.

Reiki healing as a form of treatment focuses on the entire body, the physical self, the mental self and the spiritual self, helping to promote relaxation and relieving the symptoms of different illnesses. A Reiki treatment can help to promote, self-healing, inner calm and a sense of equilibrium.

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The treatment is carried out while the patient is fully-clothed but lying down, and a Reiki session will take an hour in length.

Whatever problems, anxieties or unresolved issues you may be suffering under, Reiki is a nurturing and holistic treatment.