Fascia is the connective tissue which supports, protects and surrounds the whole human body including the internal organs, muscles (Myofascia), bones and ligaments.

Restrictions in the Fascia can be caused by physical or emotional trauma, surgery and poor posture. This causes scars to form and the fascia to become restricted and hardened. This will have an effect on the surrounding tissue and musculature, causing trigger point pain patterns and chronic pain conditions to occur.

Imagine twisting and pulling on a piece of cloth, for example your jumper. Notice how it puts stress and pulls on other parts of the cloth surrounding the area you are pulling on. This is a good example of how a restriction in the Fascia of the body will have on the surrounding areas.

Myofascial Release

Sometimes it is not the area or muscle which is in pain which is the problem, but a restriction in the Fascia somewhere else in the body putting stress on the affected area. Restrictions in Fascia do not show up on an X-Ray so often will go undiagnosed.

Over time these restrictions can lead to an imbalance in posture which can lead to recurring trigger point pain patterns in the body. This can however be corrected by manipulating and allowing the Fascial lines to unwind, retraining the body in regaining the correct posture.

Myofascial release is an effective and holistic treatment which works on a deep level on both the physical and emotional body, allowing physical tension and emotional stress to be released.