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A Way Of Life

We could say the most important asset we have is our health and wellbeing. If we are not happy and healthy we don't have the foundation we need to go about our daily lives or to achieve our dreams and ambitions.  We often take much better care and attention of possessions which are external to ourselves.  For example, you may have heard the analogy about how we look after our car better than we do our body. Having a regular service and overhaul every year to keep it running smoothly. We often take our body for granted, pushing ourselves to the extreme in our work and lifestyle choices.  Sometimes it's only when we are in pain, discomfort and 'dis ease' that we start to take notice.  This page is a work in progress and is dedicated to sharing methods, practices and maybe a few recipes that I am using or have enjoyed and found helpful over time. Some of them will be simple things that we all know really but sometimes just need a small reminder.

The Holistic approach is aimed at supporting you to make the necessary changes needed to your life to restore balance and harmony. A great way of being if you want to nurture, support, relax and revive and thrive.

  • Drink plenty of fresh, purified water.
  • Make sure to walk and breathe fresh air as much as possible
  • Get your beauty sleep to heal your body systems
  • Are you getting your greens? - Great blood purifiers and alkalisers
  • Do something you love everyday
  • Make a list of things you have achieved, things you want to achieve and things you are grateful for
  • Have an Epsom Salt bath
  • Try to eat a fresh wholefoods diet as much as you can
  • Have a treatment at least once a month
  • Connect with your breath, be present and grounded in your body
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