• Bespoke Treatments

    Over the years working with many different people from different walks of life and professions, one thing I have learnt is that the treatment I offer is a reflection of what the person individually needed at that present moment. No two treatments are the same and the bodywork technique I use will adapt intuitively for the type of treatment you need.  
  • A Fusion of style

    I adapt from technical styles of therapeutic bodywork, to flow and restorative work. I use therapeutic techniques ranging from strong trigger point therapy to unwinding Myofascial release, Cranial Sacral Techniques and hot stones. The aim is always to create a safe space for you to allow time to unwind physically and emotionally. A time to release trauma and stress from your body's soft tissue memory and assist you to restore energetically, bringing you back to to a place of presence.
  • About Melanie

    Melanie Howlett, ACMT, FHT, ChTA Find out more> South London Clinics, South West London, Surrey and Hampshire Home Treatments for ladies of all ages