Massage at Home

Is chronic back or shoulder pain blighting your daily life? Have you thought of having a massage in the comfort of your own home?
Chronic back, shoulder and neck pain can be caused easily by sitting for long hours on end at an office computer or sitting in the same position in a car on a regular basis.

Is this pain preventing you from enjoying a normal, active lifestyle or from taking exercise? If it is, then it’s time to take matters into your own hands and enlist the help of a massage therapist.
It may be that you’re suffering from stress – a condition all of us will experience at some stage in our lives – and a massage at home will be the ultimate solution to stress-induced muscle pain.
Call now and have a chat with Melanie at Lifeflow Holistics who specialises in massage to relieve you of your chronic back pain or muscle ache? Lifeflow Holistics offers massage at home to clients in South London, so you can enjoy a massage while remaining in the comfort of your own home.

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